This is New Mexico.

Last weekend, I went on a little expedition. I hiked out behind our neighborhood to capture some pictures of the Organ Mountain Range. Which is, um, BEAUTIFUL! But I digress. I got about halfway through my short hike, when I realized I was definitely marching right through coyote territory. And tarantulas. And rattlesnakes (thank goodness it is kind of cool!). I had a decision to make. Either go back and save myself. Or keep going because I am almost there and I haven't been eaten yet. I kept going.

These are a few of my favorite images from that day. I posted them on my Facebook page, and asked my followers to vote on their favorite photo. Can you guess which one is winning? Head on over to my Facebook page to find out! Which one is your favorite? I like the second one the best. That light is EVERYTHING!

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